Tung Ying Chieh

Taichi Grandmaster Tung Ying Kit was a native of Ren County of Hebei province. His original given name was “Wen Ke” and was later known as “Ying Kit”.

He first started learning martial arts from Liu Ying Shou, a well known armescort. Later he was recommended by Liu to study under Li Zenhui, a student of the famous Taichi master in Guang Fu. Subsequently for a number of years he also studied the Hao school of Taichi under Li Xiangyuan, a student of the well known Taichi master Hao Weizhen.

Then he heard about grandmaster Yang Chen Fu, head of the Yang school of Tai Chi, teaching in Bejing. With great admiration, he set forth to become his student and learned very eagerly. Yang was very pleased with him and took him along whenever and wherever he traveled to teach, setting up the “Zhi Rou Taijiquan Society” in 1926 in Shanghai, and the “Nanjing Central Martial Arts Gymnasium” in 1928 in Nanjing.

In those 10 years, Master Tung was Yang’s chief assistant instructor. Master Tung not only excelled in martial arts, but was also a scholar well versed in literature and composition. He was the principal contributor in Yang’s famous book “Applications Of Taijiquan”, published by the Commercial Press in 1931. In recognition of this and other contributions, Master Tung was featured with a portrait photograph in the later book “The Surviving Works Of Yang Chenfu” published by Hua Press in 1987.   

(Tekst fra Tung Kai Yings hjemmeside)

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